The Five Supplements Every Irish Person Should Be Taking

Irish people are known for their sense of humour, hospitality, friendly nature, St. Patrick’s Day and Guinness. However, it is also emerging from studies that Irish people are nutritionally deficient due to processed foods and lack of sunlight!

There are five underrated supplements that every Irish person should be taking:

  • Vitamin D

One thing Ireland is not known for is that big yellow football in the sky, the sun, which is a major source of Vitamin D. 

Ireland is situated between latitude 51 and 55ºN of the equator so negligible skin synthesis of Vitamin D occurs between October and March. A large percentage of Irish people are deficient in Vitamin D or have insufficient levels and the increase in people working at home indoors will not help. Low levels of Vitamin D are linked to Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, Cancer, Autoimmune Diseases, Depression, Obesity, Infectious Diseases, or just more likely to catch the flu or colds regularly. 

Studies have found that 80% of COVID-19 patients were vitamin D deficient.

Irish people need to wake up to this and start supplementing daily.

  • Magnesium

Ireland is also known for the “green grass of home”.

Green is the colour that is missing most from Irish people’s diets. What gives the green colour in the grass, vegetables, and salad leaves? 

The pigment chlorophyll. 

Magnesium gives this colour to that pigment. The chemical structure of chlorophyll is very similar to that of Haemoglobin in your blood. The only difference is chlorophyll has Magnesium and Haemoglobin has Iron. 

This should tell everyone how important Magnesium is for health.

Magnesium-deficiency in Irish people is an underappreciated problem. 

Magnesium deficiency is linked to:

  1. Type 2 diabetes
  2. Anxiety
  3. Depression
  4. Metabolic resistance
  5. High blood pressure
  6. Cardiovascular complications
  7. Menstrual cramps
  8. Migraines
  9. Osteoporosis
  10. Asthma

Athletes are also another group of people that can be deficient in Magnesium.

Processed foods have taken a hold on Irish society partly due to the addictiveness of sugar. These processed foods can deplete lots of nutrients out of your body like Magnesium. 

A large percentage of people are also Magnesium deficient and when your Magnesium levels are low your Vitamin D levels may be ineffective!

  • Vitamin B12

Another Irish societal problem is a deficiency in Vitamin B12. It is especially low in the elderly, vegans and diabetics, to name just a few. 

Low levels of Vitamin B12 are linked to:

  1. Memory loss
  2. Forgetfulness
  3. Depression
  4. Fatigue
  5. Numbness
  6. Pins and needles

Some studies suggest low levels of Vitamin B12 may be associated with an increased risk of dementia.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It can neutralize reactive oxygen species, which are produced when the immune cells fight viruses and bacteria. Neutrophils, Lymphocytes, and, Phagocytes are all supported by Vitamin C. Vitamin C cooperates with other Vitamins like Vitamin E in their antioxidant functions. Vitamin C is essential for a strong antibody response to bacterial or viral infections. 

  • Vitamin F

F stands for fibre. 

When I say fibre I don’t mean breads or pastas high in fibre, I mean plant fibre found in whole fruits and vegetables.

Lots of people in Ireland do not have enough fibre in their diet and the consequences of such a diet are linked to all chronic diseases in society. The fibre in plant material helps feed your gut bacteria and with healthy gut bacteria, you will see a major improvement in your health.

If a varied whole food diet is not in your reach presently I would strongly recommend a non-toxic supplement, that does not have a laundry list of ingredients like bulking agents, anti-caking agents, and titanium dioxide, which can wash precious nutrients out of the body. Remember you are probably deficient in some Vitamins right now.

Vitamunda is a reliable supplement brand that has no laundry list and can be purchased at:

Edward O’Reilly

Lifestyle Pharmacist

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