What Are Liposomes

Have you ever thought about the nutritional supplements that you take?

Are they well absorbed, stable in your stomach, protected from being oxidized or degraded?
Are they bio available, that means absorbed and transported in the body to the target site
50 % of Multivitamins contain fewer ingredients than is indicated on the label.

Liposomes are a delivery system that has been tested and shown to be stable in the stomach.
They show improved absorption and delivery of the nutrients to the cells.
This enhances their effectiveness.
They have shown to be up to 95 % more bio available and up to 1500 % better absorption over pills and powders.
This means that a small dose can make a big difference.

Health is all about what you absorb.

Liposomes are the delivery system that can really make a difference.

Tomorrows delivery system, Today!


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