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A lifestyle pharmacist is a pharmacist who has a broad knowledge of the clinical connections between nutrition, medication, supplements, the way we live our lives and the relevance to our health.
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Knowledge is the new Medicine...

Antioxidant supplements

I am a Lifestyle Pharmacist

If you’re not feeling well then you need to make changes. These changes need to include a re-evaluation of your; Medication, Supplements, Food, Stress levels, Exercise and Environmental factors.

By employing a holistic approach my experience has shown to have positive effects on peoples well being. I believe that knowledge is the future of medicine and will allow the prevention of disease to be a way of life.

What you can achieve with a good diet and a nutritional approach can lead to an improvement in your overall health. This is what i call a “lifestyle approach”

Edward O Reilly - Your Lifestyle Pharmacist

Products I recommend ​

I am constantly on the search for the best products and supplements to support a healthy lifestyle and I can hand on heart say there is nothing better on the market than these Liposomal products by Vitamunda. 
Vitamunda’s mission is to bring high-quality nutritional supplements on the market that ensure the body can function optimally. I align with their values and principal and that is why I am the exclusive reseller of the Vitamunda brand In Ireland.

More info about Vitamunda products

100% Pure Fill

Vitamunda set the bar high. Only the very best products are incorporated into our assortment and deserve the 100% Pure Fill logo.

All products are put together with the utmost care. Each ingredient is critically selected for quality and purity. Only the very best ingredients end up in our products. No unnecessary additives. No cheap alternatives. Just completely pure.

That, for us, is the meaning of 100% Pure Fill. 100% pure ingredients, 100% filled.

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Tips and advice from your Lifestyle Pharmacist

sun, sky, shine

Sunburn Protection From What You Eat!

Looking at the effects of Sunburn from the inside out!Have you ever thought about what foods you are eating and how this may affect your reaction to the sun?Despite there being highly effective sunscreens and lightweight clothing that protects against ultraviolet radiation, some people are still very sensitive and get burned easily. The best strategy

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Low Fat Lies.

Saturated fat got a bad rep in the late 1960s when a doctor named Ancel Keys presented his diet-heart hypothesis. This theory proposed that an excess of saturated fat in the diet from red meat, cheese, butter, and eggs raises cholesterol which is deposited on the lining of arteries causing them to harden and narrow until

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Can an Antioxidant Help You Lose Weight?

An antioxidant that helps you lose weight? Is this for real? Yes! Alpha-lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant that is made in the human body’s energy-producing cells. One great thing about Alpha-lipoic acid is that it is both a water-soluble and fat-soluble antioxidant. This gives it a tremendous advantage over other antioxidants, as it can

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Healthy You, Unhealthy You, Your Priorities!

Are you really interested in a healthier you? Like everything else in your life you have to prioritise what you want in life, how healthy, happy and content you are. ‘Healthy groceries are too expensive, I can’t afford them’ ‘Take way food again tonight? Sure its only twice a week’ ‘Non toxic monthly supplements for

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Oestrogen, Vitamin D May Protect Women From Metabolic syndrome after menopause.

Metabolic health is defined as having ideal levels of: Blood sugar, High-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, Blood pressure, Triglycerides, Waist circumference. These factors directly relate to a person’s risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Metabolic syndrome is very common during menopause when women can develop: Higher blood sugar, Higher triglycerides, Lower protective cholesterol HDL, High

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