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Sunburn Protection From What You Eat!

Looking at the effects of Sunburn from the inside out!Have you ever thought about what foods you are eating and how this may affect your reaction to the sun?Despite there being highly effective sunscreens and lightweight clothing that protects against ultraviolet radiation, some people are still very sensitive and get burned easily. The best strategy

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The Five Supplements Every Irish Person Should Be Taking

Irish people are known for their sense of humour, hospitality, friendly nature, St. Patrick’s Day and Guinness. However, it is also emerging from studies that Irish people are nutritionally deficient due to processed foods and lack of sunlight! There are five underrated supplements that every Irish person should be taking: Vitamin D One thing Ireland is not

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Vitamin C

What is Vitamin C good for? Vitamin C is best known for its cold-fighting and immune-strengthening properties as well as its importance in the growth, development, and repair of the human body. We know that vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and this is because it is an ‘electron giver’.  When it comes to safeguarding

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