Is Aluminium Potentially Toxic?

Aluminium is a metal that can be found in:


1. Pots and pans cookware.

2. Food and soda cans.

3. Cosmetics. 

4. Underarm deodorants.

5. Kitchen foil.

6. Vaccines.

7. Welding.

Aluminium can also be found in your food!
So if it is found everywhere then could it be building up in our bodies and causing health problems?
Unlike vitamins, minerals and trace elements, the body does not need Aluminium and it is not totally innocent or benign. Aluminium accumulates in the kidneys, brain, lungs and thyroid where it competes with calcium for absorption into the body and can affect skeletal mineralization.
In infants, this can slow growth and animal models have linked aluminium exposure to mental impairments.
Why are we still using it?
Just as cigarette smoke is bad for your lungs, which took us years to realise, Aluminium attacks our central nervous system. Studies show that these toxic metals contribute to brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Lately, recent decades have brought enormous increases in the incidence of Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease. Rather than look for a cure or a prevention, research has centered on finding treatments. This is all well and good but shouldn’t we be looking for possible causitive agents? Isn’t prevention so much better than cure?

Aluminium is everywhere and daily exposure is putting us all at risk of health complications, especially from breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease or other cognitive impairments.
In the Journal of Neurotoxicity in 2000 a review conducted by researchers found that Aluminium is capable of crossing the Blood Brain Barrier increasing the possibility of cell oxidation, and thus cell destruction. Damage that mimics the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, the supreme brain health concern of today.
Recent studies point to a strong link between Aluminium and Breast Cancer. 
So, why are we still using this deadly toxin on our skin as antiperspirants?
Unfortunately, we live in an age of Aluminium, but at the enormous consequence of our good health.
A study published in Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry in July 2013 found that Breast Cancer patients had significantly higher levels of Aluminium in their nipple aspirate fluids than compared to a control group of healthy women without breast cancer. This must raise serious questions about its safety.
Aluminium has also shown to act as an oestrogen mimic and so interfere with natural hormone function.
A likely case in point is the massive upsurge in Breast Cancer and Fibrocystic Disease, which is a condition of cysts forming in the breast tissues. Is Aluminium the possible cause?
Another important issue is waxing and shaving prior to using an aluminium deodorant, this potentially damages the skin allowing the aluminium to be absorbed more easily which poses a greater risk to health and wellbeing.
They say that cooking a chicken inside Aluminium Foil in an oven can leach aluminium into your food.
My advice is to use greaseproof paper as it’s a lot safer. This is just a very simple alternative, if we think differently we can avoid possible hazards for ill health.
During the Keele Conference of February 2013, Dr Philippa Darbre from Reading University demonstrated that Aluminium in the breast causes changes that can lead to deadly metastasis of the tumour, the spreading of tumours.
So if there is so many questions marks over Aluminium, should we not be avoiding it at all costs?
None of these tests conclusively tell us that Aluminium causes Breast Cancer or Alzheimer’s, however it does add up to a prima facie evidence that it’s very possible, and that it should be avoided if possible.
Aluminium, where ever it comes from should be put on trial and implicated in these deadly crimes against humanity.
Sadly, the health agencies that should be protecting us are not even looking at the risks of using Aluminium
Avoid and protect your dinners with greaseproof paper, look for alternatives to aluminium antiperspirants, check yours today, even roll ons can contain aluminium. This information should change how you and your loved ones live. 
My goal is to educate you and help you cut out aluminium in your deodorants, cookware and foil, so you can lead a safer and healthier life.

Edward O’Reilly

Lifestyle Pharmacist 

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