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Sunburn Protection From What You Eat!

Looking at the effects of Sunburn from the inside out!
Have you ever thought about what foods you are eating and how this may affect your reaction to the sun?
Despite there being highly effective sunscreens and lightweight clothing that protects against ultraviolet radiation, some people are still very sensitive and get burned easily. The best strategy for preventing sunburn is to stay out of the midday sun from 12pm to 3pm, and use the appropriate SPFs. For some people who are super-sensitive, the summer can be “a summer of hell”.
Is it about time to start rethinking your strategy?

The question I want to pose is, can food help protect against the damage caused by the sun?

Can I improve my tolerance of ultraviolet rays?

Your diet may be playing a major role in contributing to these problems. Vitamins and antioxidants can help reduce the damage the sun can have on your skin, vitamin D ,vitamin C , vitamin E to name just a few.

A study that was published in the British Journal Of Dermatology 2011 should make us think again about what we eat and our consumption of processed foods.
Scientists at the University of Manchester investigated the power of lycopene in tomato paste. Lycopene is a bright carotenoid found in tomatoes, bright red fruits and vegetables but not cherries or strawberries. It is a powerful antioxidant. The results were conclusive, the effects of lycopene in tomato paste indicated that it protects against UVR‐induced tissue damage. Nutritional photo protection with tomato products is a promising area and if I was in that category of people who are super sensitive to the sun, I would improve my diet and start adding foods like:

1. Blueberries, those summer fruits are also the ones that help protect us during summer, too.

2. Watermelon.

3. Nuts and seeds.

4. Carrots and leafy greens.

5. Green tea.

6. Cauliflower.

What I am trying to communicate is, increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables to include tomatoes, tomato paste etc. (however, not tomato ketchup!)

Remember your health is your wealth, you are what you eat,

Make some changes!

Edward O’Reilly

Lifestyle Pharmacist.

+353 87 205 1039

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