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Body Fat

Low Fat Lies.

Saturated fat got a bad rep in the late 1960s when a doctor named Ancel Keys presented his diet-heart hypothesis. This theory proposed that an excess of saturated fat in the diet from red meat, cheese, butter, and eggs raises cholesterol which is deposited on the lining of arteries causing them to harden and narrow until

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Is Sugar The New Tobacco?

If sugar is the new tobacco we should be labelling it with a big fat health warning.  Sugar is toxic and is present in many foods that we consume every minute of the day. It is in Bread, Flour Cakes, Scones, Sodas, Chocolate, Fruit juice, Cereals, Rice, Tinned foods. Do I need to go on?

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Choc a Little or Choc a Lot?

The amazing health benefits of dark chocolate whether it be a little or a lot need to be examined. Unfortunately, what Cadbury have done to chocolate through processing, has altered this naturally healthy food into a disease promoting product full of sugar. The History of Chocolate  The first solid bar of chocolate was introduced by an English

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