The Importance of Vitamin K2 That No One is Talking About!

If you live in Ireland you will more than likely have heard of “The Happy Pear”.

When it comes to Vitamin D3 let me explain why it is important to take Vitamin D3 as part of the “Happy Pair” combination.

What I am talking about here is when you take Vitamin D3 you should also take it with Vitamin K2!

One of Vitamin D3s functions is to maintain normal blood concentrations of calcium and phosphorus to support bone health.

However we also need to protect against the formation of calcium crystals, which can lead to arterial calcification.

The current medical opinion suggests that supplementing with Vitamin D3 and K2 together may help to slow the progression of arterial calcification, whereas Vitamin D3 on its own may not.

There was a study that looked at Vitamin K2 called the Rotterdam Study and in that study, they found that Vitamin K2 intake was linked with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease

There is also a link showing low levels of Vitamin K2 in to worse outcomes in COVID 19.

(Linneberg A et al. “Low Vitamin K Status Predicts Mortality in a Cohort of 138 Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19.” MedRxiv, Published online ahead of print on December 23, 2020 )

If you are taking blood thinners please be aware that Vitamin K2 may affect blood clotting or if you are at increased risk of blood clots please check with your current healthcare provider or cardiologist before starting Vitamin K2.

When you are supplementing with Vitamin D3 please supplement with Vitamin K2 along with it, as well as Magnesium which helps to activate the Vitamin D to its active state in the body!!

Buy a brand that is Liposomal, well absorbed, with no sweeteners, nonprocessed, and has no hidden toxins in it, that brand is Vitamunda and can be purchased at https://lifestylepharmacist.ie/product/liposomal-d3-k2-magnesium/.

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Lifestyle Pharmacist 

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